First Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition

Seiko’s first diver’s watch,
made in 1965.

Seiko’s first diver’s watch, 1965.

Seiko’s and Japan’s first ever diver’s watch was made in 1965 at a time when watches with high levels of water resistance were not widely available. It incorporated an automatic mechanical caliber and delivered 150m water resistance. The watch was designed for maximum reliability and legibility in the harshest conditions and was used by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969. At that time, when navigational aids were rudimentary,an accurate watch that could be used in astronomical observations in polar regions was vital and the Seiko diver’s watch proved itself to be up to the challenge by performing well on every expedition. The watch’s significance, however, went far beyond satisfying the needs of Antarctic explorers.

First Diver's Re-creation Limited Edition

The Prospex re-creation of this 1965
classic is faithful to the original design,
but thoroughly up-to-date in its technology.

    • The slim profile of the case and the narrow bezel
      with the luminous dot at twelve o’clock.
    • The dial bears “AUTOMATIC” under the Seiko
      logo, which is faithful to the original.
    • The diamond-cut hands enhance the legibility.
    • Caliber 8L35 which was specially designed for
      diver’s use and is made in the Shizuku-ishi
      Watch Studio.
    • The case back bears the same dolphin emblem as
      the 1965 original.
    • A box-shaped sapphire crystal and 200m
      water resistance for greater reliability.
    • A silicone strap for enhanced wearability both
      outside a wetsuit and on the Wrist.
    • The 3D embossed hour markers which stand up
      in sharp relief and yet are an integral part
      of the dial itself.

The Modern Re-interpretation

These new timepieces also echo the design
of the 1965 original,
but are thoroughly up-to-date in their functions
and meet Seiko’s stringent standards for diver’s watches.

    • The hands are wider and carry long-lasting
      Lumibrite so as to be highly legible even
      in dark water.
    • Sits perfectly on the wrist and the Zaratsu
      polished line on the case side adds
      a touch of contemporary refinement.
    • Durability is enhanced by the super-hard
      coating which protects the watch from
    • An accordion-style silicone strap which
      combines high durability and comfort. It was
      invented by Seiko in 1975 as a solution to the
      problem of the expansion and contraction of a
      diver’s wrist at different depths.

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